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Have a Ball of your own with Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother

Cinderella’s Tea-Party Kit for 2

As her Fairy Godmother shows Cinderella, mice and pumpkins can serve multiple purposes, so can this beautifully detailed “storybook.” Outside, it looks like a leather bound edition of the classic tale. Inside, it’s a tea party in a book. Its hollowed core holds all the trimmings that remind us love and magic can touch us in the most unexpected and extraordinary ways.
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Turn tea time into a Wonderland-inspired fantasy

Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party Kit for 1

It’s a tea-party in a book. You supply the tea service, we provide the rest. Included: a timeless keepsake box, an illustrated story booklet, frosted cookies, chocolate, teabag, and more. Enjoy them as you journey to a world of outlandish characters and adventures. One sip opens the door to Wonderland – and unlocks the imagination.
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Create magical moments worthy of the wonderful wizard

Emerald City Tea-Party Kit for 1

Embark on a whirlwind tour of the land of Oz. Discover new friends along the way – and maybe something unexpected about yourself. Simply break out your finest tea service and we’ll supply: a timeless keepsake box, an illustrated story booklet, frosted cookies, teabag, and more. It’s a tea party in a book. Open yours today.
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Alice's Pawfect Tea-Party Kit

Free Extras & Downloads

We put together a delicious assortment of no-cost extras so you can throw the most perfect little tea-party. Explore them below. Listen. Download. Print. All FREE.

  • Alice Narrates Your Tea Party

  • What's Inside and Why?

  • How To Throw An Alice Tea Party

  • Invitation & Menu

  • Tea Party Placemat

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Emerald City Tea-Party Kit

Free Extras & Downloads

Did you know there are more differences between the classic book and movie than there are flying monkeys? See for yourself below. Compare. Contrast. Enjoy. All FREE.

  • OZ Book vs OZ Movie

  • What's Inside & Why?

  • Emerald City Tea Party Menu

  • Tea Party Placemat

  • The Map of Oz

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Cinderella’s Tea-Party Kit

Free Extras & Downloads

Now that Cinderella has officially taken residence in the palace, it’s time to par-tea. And you’re most cordially invited. Download. Dream. Drink it all in.

  • Invitation and Menu

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Bridal Showers and Corporate Events

Put a unique twist on your next event

Turn the expected on its head and tap into the inner child in us all. These creative ideas for themed gatherings will create Storybook adventures that attendees won’t soon forget.

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  • For Every Alice in Wonderland Fan!

    By Lena

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for an Alice in Wonderland fan and I know they'll love it because I absolutely do. The cookies luckily survived their trip without cracking. It is exactly as pictured. At first, I was a little hesitant about buying this because of the price, but in the end I caved in and I'm glad I did. The treasure book itself is already beautiful...

  • Wonderful for my little crumpet

    By Jeanne Davioud

    My nine-year old granddaughter performed as a crumpet in the Mad Hatter Tea Party scene of a ballet production of Alice in Wonderland. I searched for something unique to give her as the standard gift of flowers was growing old and the knick-knacks that are offered for sale are too expensive and not of good quality. I wasn't able to actually see her open...

  • Bridal Shower

    By Emily J. Nelson

    Had this used as a decoration and then a gift to the bride for her Alice in Wonderland bridal shower.

  • Beautiful set, just gorgeous

    By london & lexington

    This item is just as wonderful as pictured. When my little girl opened it, I could see her face light up with joy! It's exciting to open and see all of the dainty little pieces. The chocolate is excellent! The tea biscuits are pretty good, and the tea was Stash Tea Apple Cinnamon (you can't go wrong with Stash Tea anyway in my opinion)... The tea party cd is kind of boring, but we didn't mind because the set itself is amazing and such a wonderful concept!

  • Simply a mad tea party!!

    By Kelley

    This product is a keepsake to treasure for years to come, the casing of the little treasures is exsquisite. I am an avid Alice in Wonderland Collector and I am thoroughly impressed with the tea part set...

  • Pawfect!

    By Elizabeth E. Kouba "Beth"

    My 10 yr old daughter received this tea kit as a gift, coincidentally she was also writing a book report on Alice in Wonderland so this gift was even more perfect/pawfect. This tea kit truly captured the imaginative and creative spirit of Alice and was a fun way of inviting my daughter (and then my 5 year old son) into the joy and pleasure of literature by using all of their senses. They were captivated by the truly sweet CD explaining clearly and cleverly the elements of the kit and how to proceed with the tea party, it had my children singing along! This makes a wonderful gift and I highly recommend it to any child of any age up to 99 or more.

  • Cool and Funny

    By Arseny M

    It was a gift, and the person who has received it liked it quite a bit. If you're into Lewis Carroll and Alice's Adventures, you'll find this item to be of great addition to your collection.

  • so unique!

    ByKristine in Phila "summerwind"

    the quality of the book and the food is excellent to look at - it was for my niece so I have no idea how it tasted, but she loves to play tea party and when she opened it, she thought it was wonderful and got very excited. very beautiful set and the cookie, etc is thick and beautifully decorated