What Alice’s “Pawfect” Tea-Party Teaches Us About Bullying


Storybook Tea Kit Company is aware of how problematic and hurtful bullying is to so many of our children. Just as manners were taught to Alice, so too should our children be taught about inclusiveness. Exclusion is a behavior that should have zero tolerance in our schools. As the 4 Bees teach us, we should “Bee a buddy, not a bully.”

There are numerous bullies throughout Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice comes in contact with several of them at the Mad tea party.

When Alice approaches the table, the guests cry out, “No Room, No Room!” This is the very essence of a bully—to exclude. Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party shuns this behavior.

Alice, in this story of Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party, lovingly explains to all tea guests that there is plenty of room for everyone. She teaches this lesson very cleverly.

She states the word mad is exactly the same word as paw. All you do is turn mad upside down, reverse the letter “a”, and it becomes paw.

Alice goes on to explain that the letter P stands for peers or friends; A is for always; W is for welcome. Your peers, friends, and classmates are always welcome, which to Alice is truly a “pawfect” tea-party.


The moral that children learn in Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party is one that Storybook Tea Kit Company embraces for each and every child:

There is room for everyone!


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