“My child loved this little tea set. She didn’t really care for the peppermint tea but loved everything else. Will definitely purchase again.”
– Michelle

“Great!” – Rene

“Absolutely stunning little tea party in a box! Its well worth the money!”- Becca

“It was a holiday gift and the person loved it” – Brian

“I bought this as a Christmas gift for an Alice in Wonderland fan and I know they’ll love it because I absolutely do. The cookies luckily survived their trip without cracking. It is exactly as pictured. At first, I was a little hesitant about buying this because of the price, but in the end I caved in and I’m glad I did. The treasure book itself is already beautiful. The booklet ties the whole set together and I have to say, it’s pretty darn fancy looking. This is a must have for anyone who has any interest in Alice in Wonderland. I hope Storybook Tea Kit Company has even more products too offer in the future.” – Lena

“My grand daughter 1- who had the lead in the play loved it.” – Grandma

“My nine-year old granddaughter performed as a crumpet in the Mad Hatter Tea Party scene of a ballet production of Alice in Wonderland. I searched for something unique to give her as the standard gift of flowers was growing old and the knick-knacks that are offered for sale are too expensive and not of good quality. I wasn’t able to actually see her open the gift or view the gift itself but the response I received was that it was “awesome!” which is certainly a five-star review. Thank you very much for providing a truly one of a kind gift which she will definitely remember.” – Jeanne

“Had this used as a decoration and then a gift to the bride for her Alice in Wonderland bridal shower.” – Emily

“I bought this for the box to store things in but the cookies and bottle are great also. I haven’t listened to the CD that came with it.” – Mom

“Bought this for my daughter that likes Alice in Wonderland!! Much better than pictured and could of imagined. Thumbs Up!!” – Terri

“It was a gift, and the person who has received it liked it quite a bit. If you’re into Lewis Carroll and Alice’s Adventures, you’ll find this item to be of great addition to your collection.” – Arseny

“Love them, they are over the top and superb quality. Great find! I will be recommending storybook tea kit to all my friends in the event industry.” – Cristy

“This tea set is great quality. It is as wonderful as it appears to be in the photo. Everyone loves it.” – Susan

“Purchased 4 of these for Alice in wonderland tea party. Granddaughters and i were very impressed. Highly recommend. Great detail!” – Jen

“I got this for my four kids and use to play along with and they loved it. We had a great tea party night and they keep asking to have another. I really enjoyed this product and the cookie and mad hatter chocolate was very yummy!!” – Lillian

“I love it its so cute and looks great on the my book shelf after I used it. I had it on my table for awhile and people thought it was a real book and then opened it and loved it more. I didn’t use the stuff inside I let a friend so I cant comment on the quality of the stuff in side but the book is great and looks good on a book shelf!” – Jena

“The quality of the book and the food is excellent to look at – it was for my niece so I have no idea how it tasted, but she loves to play tea party and when she opened it, she thought it was wonderful and got very excited. very beautiful set and the cookie, etc is thick and beautifully decorated.”
– Kristine

“I bought this as a birthday gift for someone who loves Alice in Wonderland; the whole package is quite detailed and looks exactly like the images shown. The book keepsake even has a magnetic closing; it’s a very creative and good quality collectible for anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland.” – A.R.

“This product is a keepsake to treasure for years to come, the casing of the little treasures is exsquisite. I am an avid Alice in Wonderland Collector and I am thoroughly impressed with the tea part set. I have no eaten the treats inside yet, because i love the way it looks inside the box (Weird I know). The case has a magnetic band so the contents stay secure, as well as the outside of the book box in eccentric gold lettering is the title “Alice in Wonderland”. It looks like an actual book!Read More

(SO you could hide it in your books and see if someone randomly finds it one day) I did not like the CD, it was really untasteful i felt, but I am not a ten year old who sings along to generic recorded songs. I recommend this item to anyone, young or old. It is perfect for little girls who enjoy tea time, while introducing literature into their creative process. Thank you so much for this amazing product!!
– Kelley

“A perfect gift for the Wonderland fan! Very creative, good quality and you will cherish this in your collection of impossible things!!!” – Cheryl

“This case is soooooooooo pretty!!! I bought it as a gift for a friend that is OBSESSED with Alice in Wonderland and she loved it!!!! It’s so whimsical and well made. Love!” – Jessica

“Worth every cent! I loved this charming little set! So did my daughter- it now resides at her house and I am in need of another!” – Cat

“The cookies and chocolate were disgusting, but the book is amazing, it’s beautiful, detailed and I love it to death! SO worth the money!” – Megan

“What a darling kit my daughter loved it. It was a Christmas gift. I would definitely recommend this item for Alice in wonderland lovers.”
– Jacquelyn

“I bought this set as a Christmas present for my best friend who is a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. Upon receiving this, I was really excited. The set is so unique, the art inside is perfect, and the cookies looked delicious!

I also purchased a bronze colored owl pocket watch as an added bonus. When she opened her gift, she literally screamed! Though as I figured, she did not want to eat those beautiful cookies, but I assured her lots of pictures would be taken at our tea party (BTW, we’re 24, and 28…Big kids lol) I highly recommend this for all ages.”
– H.M.

“This is a great gift for an Alice in Wonderland fan. I hope they like it as much as I did although I haven’t heard the CD.” – Carmen

“This item is just as wonderful as pictured. When my little girl opened it, I could see her face light up with joy! It’s exciting to open and see all of the dainty little pieces. The chocolate is excellent! Read More

The tea biscuits are pretty good, and the tea was Stash Tea Apple Cinnamon (you can’t go wrong with Stash Tea anyway in my opinion)… The tea party cd is kind of boring, but we didn’t mind because the set itself is amazing and such a wonderful concept!”
– London & lexington

“My 10 yr old daughter received this tea kit as a gift, coincidentally she was also writing a book report on Alice in Wonderland so this gift was even more perfect/pawfect. This tea kit truly captured the imaginative and creative spirit of Alice and was a fun way of inviting my daughter..Read More

(and then my 5 year old son) into the joy and pleasure of literature by using all of their senses. They were captivated by the truly sweet CD explaining clearly and cleverly the elements of the kit and how to proceed with the tea party, it had my children singing along! This makes a wonderful gift and I highly recommend it to any child of any age up to 99 or more.”
– Elizabeth

“My daughter received this for a birthday gift and it is the cutest thing ever! I cannot wait to have a tea party with her. I would have loved to have this when I was little, it is an absolute must for any ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fan!” – Sarah

“Alice just arrived from Wonderland! We were so excited when we saw the mail lady with our package! We got out the kit(WOW, OMG) it is packaged so beautiful, it was almost a shame to use it, but yep we dove right in. This must have come from Wonderland. My kids and I have never seen anything like it! Highly recommend. Got here “pawfectly!” – Alice Chum

“If you love classic children’s literature and tea parties, you’re going to love the Storybook Tea Kit Company’s Alice’s Pawfect Tea Party.”
– Melissa Taylor, Imagination Soup

“This product far surpasses all expectations I had. I highly recommend this product. An afternoon can be transformed into a magical tea party.”
– Leanne McGinty, Ahgoo Review

“If there’s an Alice in Wonderland fan in your life I just discovered the perfect gift for them: Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party Kit from The Storybook Company. The kit comes in a special box that is handwrapped to look like a beautiful old leather bound copy of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In fact, it’s so realistic looking my other half thought it was a book until I told him otherwise! The creator of The Storybook Company, Joann Siegel, truly attended to every detail in this well put together kit. It includes just about everything you need to get you started to having your own pawfecttea party. Joann was kind enough to send us a kit to check out in person..” Read More

 First, I set up our storybook kit on our old rocking chair for my little man to discover. Maybe you can spot our own version of the Cheshire cat in the background, her name is Doorbell and she’s certainly a character in her own right. She has me playing fetch as I type this. Yes, a cat who loves to fetch! Anyway, it didn’t take long for the X-man to find the “book” and check it out. One is immediately drawn to the “Open Me” pocket which is held shut by a magnetic clasp and holds a bag of Apple Cinnamon tea. Per the instructions, I popped in the CD to have a listen. I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting much from the Pawfect Tea Party CD. However, I was pleasantly surprised. You can tell a lot of thought and work went into the production of this engaging and entertaining 13 minute long CD.
– Justchildrensbook

“When my oldest daughter was born her godmother gave her a beautiful teeny tiny tea set in a little wicker suitcase. Little teapot, cups, saucers, even spoons. All I could think was, “What am I supposed to do this?” I soon learned. We had countless tea parties at the kitchen table although the one that stands out is when my two daughters and I were drinking tea and talking about another colonist being kidnapped by the American Indians (had we just seen Pocahontas?) and something (perhaps our dreadful English accents?) tickled my daughter’s funny bone and she laughed hot chocolate out her nose. Anyway, I have always enjoyed a good tea party so I just had to tell you about the Storybook Tea Kit Company…” Read More

 The company specializes in tea kits that are themed to different children’s books. You supply the tea cups and water and the kit supplies everything else: tea, cookies, booklet about the book, even a visit from a key character via audio CD. And it’s all packaged in a book shaped box. For the month of September the Alice in Wonderland Tea Kit is on sale for just $24.99. You have to visit the website, if only to see the neat graphics!
– Jodiwebb

“A little cottontail rabbit popped out of a bush as we took a walk the other day. It stood perfectly still, frozen in place even as my daughter inched closer to it. Then it zipped off, perhaps to a safe hidey-hole somewhere nearby. We didn’t try to follow it because we’ve read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and know full well the dangers of following a rabbit into a hole. :)…” Read More

 However, it is jolly fun PRETENDING to jump into a book. My daughter and one of her friends experienced their own Alice in Wonderland storybook adventure a while back with a little help from Storybook Tea Kit Company. Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party kit comes with all the ingredients to host your own imaginative Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party. (Sadly no rabbit, but there is a pocket watch and more!) The classic story comes to life for kids as they read a section of the book and enter Lewis Carroll’s dreamy Wonderland world, experiencing it one treat at a time. 
– Brimfulcuriosities

“As books are skewed from pillar to post and morphed into ebooks, games and apps, an increase in interactive creations and ancillary products is certainly an inevitability. It’s kind of cute, though, and somewhat charming, to see a storybook idea that harks back to simpler times… that of the tradition of taking tea…” Read More

 The Storybook Tea Kit Company has taken Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice tale and packaged it in a very pretty book-shaped box that I must admit, is very nicely done. The box was handwrapped to mimic the authentic book binding artistry of the 19th Century, and has a real antiquarian look about it. On opening the ‘book’, we discover a gorgeously-designed and beautifully illustrated layout of treasures to begin exploring. On the front inside cover, we find OPEN ME – a magnetic-closure envelope containing a cinnamon apple chamomile tea (no caffeine for kiddles). On the right, we have a CD labeled PLAY ME which features three sweet songs that can be played during afternoon tea. A booklet entitled READ ME (complete with rabbit silhouette) which contains not only chapter seven of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland(ie: A Mad Tea-Party) but also a synopsis on what Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party Kit is all about, directions on how to make your tea party perfect and even a menu outlining the gorgeous treats in store for tea-party participants. But it’s when all of these ‘documents’ are lifted out of the right hand side of the box that we find the true treasure – a little bottle labelled DRINK ME (which can be filled with your own sweet elixir), a pocket watch made from European chocolate, two Mad Hatter £10/6 Pence Cookies (that smell utterly divine and are absolutely made for dipping in a bowl of rich cream, as directed in the Tea-Party Directions), and a sweet little EAT ME candy cake with a gumdrop hiding deep inside. Yes, these treats are very real – all beautifully laid out, packaged and labeled for little girls to coo over. This Kit is a lovely way to introduce children to a classic tale and also celebrate a special event like a birthday or little girl get-together. Beautifully made and as sweet as gumdrops, any little girl receiving this as a gift will soon be grinning like that ubiquitous Cheshire Cat. The Storybook Tea Kit Company donates $1 on every purchase ofAlice’s Pawfect Tea-Party Kit to the National Bullying Prevention Center.  
– Tania McCartney, FounderIReview, Kids Book Review

“Alice in Wonderland is a unique story of a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a world with creatures she encounters having a tea party. This story was brought to life on the big screen by Disney. As a young girl I longed to have tea parties after watching it. My mother even bought a little tea set just for me and my dolls. The only drawback was there wasn’t any real tea or cakes or animals that talked. But what if you little ones could share in the experience with Alice, wouldn’t that be wonderful?..” Read More

 Now it’s possible. The Storybook Tea Kit Company has packaged the perfect tea party into one collectable book for kids. You and your little ones can read and listen with Alice and her wonderful friends. Have fun with your very own real life tea party. Not only that, this wonderful kit comes with a message about bullying. Kids will be able to pledge against bullying and get their very own certificate. Please be sure to visit the Storybook Tea Kit Company’s interactive website. https://www.storybookteakit.com/ or their blog at http://storybookteakit.blogspot.com/ Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party ™

Storybook Tea Kit Company is aware of the epidemic of children being bullied by their peers. Just as manners were taught to Alice, so too, our children must be taught how to be inclusive with their classmates. Exclusion is a behavior which should have zero tolerance in our schools — Bee a buddy, not a bully! When reading Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, there are numerous bullies throughout the story. Alice comes in contact with several of them at the Mad tea-party. When Alice approached the table the guests all cried out, “No Room, No Room!” This is the very essence of a bully — to exclude, and Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party, shuns this behavior. Alice, in this story of Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party lovingly explains to all tea guests, that there is plenty of room for everyone. She teaches this lesson very cleverly. She states the word mad is exactly the same word as paw. All you do is turn mad upside down, reverse the letter a, and it becomes paw. Alice goes on to explain that the letter P stands for peers or friends; A is for always; W is for welcome. Your peers, friends, classmates are always welcome; which to Alice is truly a “pawfect” tea-party.

This is the moral that children learn in Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party; a moral that Storybook Tea Kit Company embraces for each and every child. There is room for everyone!

– Kristi Bernard, Kristisbooknook

The Tea Kit Company sent me an Alice In Wonderland storybook/tea kit for review! Alice’s Pawfect Tea Party Kit comes with The storybook Keepsake, Tea Pouch with Tea Bag, White Rabbit’s Chocolate Pocket Watch, Mad Hatters biscuits (a.k.a. pence cookies), Alice’s Candy Cake, Alice’s drinking bottle, Chapter 7 Tea Party Book “A Mad Tea Party”, Alice’s Pawfect Tea Party C.D., and vintage images on the inside of the box! All the chocolate was very good of course, especially the cake, that was my favorite! It was so well decorated and looks like alot of time was spent on decorating it! The Tea was the essential part of the Tea Party, and the cookies too! They were all very good! Read More

I like the little bottle to put tea in! That’s cute! I loved having the tea party music playing in the backround as we drank our tea! The storybook was what we did while we were waiting for the tea to be ready, I read it! This Tea Kit can be purchased on thier website for $40.00, plus tax and shipping!..” The Sotybook Tea Kit Company has offered to give one lucky reader thier very own storybook kit of Alice’s Tea Party! TO ENTER: just tell me your favorite feature about this product, don’t forget your email!
– Snickersncream

“A delightful book filled with fun: featuring an annotated read-a-long, a CD of accompanying music,”eat me” goodies, a “drink me” vial, a chocolate faced watch and delicious sugar cookie hats for the White Rabbit of course. Oh, and there is yummy tea too. This company’s fresh idea takes classic children’s stories and brings them alive through interactive play, music and actual refreshments as children enjoy their very own “themed” tea party. This would be a perfect activity to enrich and play away the hours this summer.” – Courtney Webb, StilettoStorytime

“My girls have always loved going to High Tea at a fancy hotel or restaurant. When we lived in California, we made a point to go with their grandmother. They never drank tea but usually lemonade was an option. Sometimes the finger sandwiches were too exotic for their taste, but they always loved the sweets: scones slathered with clotted Devonshire cream and preserves, petit fours, and chocolate dipped strawberries. Afternoon tea is a charming outing that I wish was an American habit like the English…”Read More

 When my girls received the Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party Kit, they were delirious with excitement. I wouldn’t let them tear it open until they photographed it for my post, and it took a lot longer than they anticipated since they were not paying attention to the background of the photo at first. There is so much to love about this kit:

“When I first received Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party Kit, I was stunned by its beauty. The kit comes enclosed in a case that resembles a leather-bound copy of Alice in Wonderland. When I opened it up, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous and well put-together the kit is. Storybook Tea Kits aims to generate a love of reading among children by incorporating literature in a tea kit.” – MrsMagooReads