Cinderella’s Tea-Party Kit


Storybook Keepsake Treasure Book

Each Tea Kit book was hand wrapped to authenticate the book binding artistry of the early 20th century with the look of aged leather and a raised spine and hidden magnetic closure. To capture the feel of a genuine leather bound first edition storybook, replete with Victorian gilt artistry of the 20th Century, we used the finest techniques in gold foil stamping. The tea pouch is decorated with a jeweled Amethyst and accented with swirling star dust.

  • 1 Storybook Keepsake Treasure Book with Magnetic Closure
  • 2 Stash Herbal Chamomile Midnight Tea Bags
    Located in the Tea Pouch decorated with an Amethyst and Fairy Godmother’s Swirling Glitter
  • 1 Fairy Godmother’s Magic Wand Biscuit
  • 1 Cinderella’s Carriage Biscuit
  • 1 Cinderella’s Ball Gown Biscuit
  • 1 Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Biscuit
  • 1 Cinderella Tale as told by her Fairy Godmother
  • All Cookies Certified Kosher Dairy
  • 1 Invitation/Menu
  • Item # CIN00001

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